Traveling has been my companion since my childhood and youth as a Swiss expat in France and Italy. In younger years, I have traveled the world more than once for long periods. Since then, I have been lucky to have extensively visited more than 80 countries on all five continents.

In the winter you find me skiing on slopes or off-piste. In the summer watch out for me on my mountain-bike or on the golf course.

I like
Soulmates, lively conversation, italian fashion, Pasta della Nonna, powdersnow, people with style

I do not like
Repressive systems, insincere people, negative people

"A 5-star-hotel offers welcome comfort. It serves the connoisseur within me. A cottage of the Swiss Alpine Club stands for pioneering spirit and adventure. I like them both, each at their time."

„Ideas twist in my head while I‘m doing sports. Exercising outdoor helps me to slow down. At the same time outdoors activity are the perfect breeding ground for new ideas.“